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NGOrganize works towards helping nonprofits showcase their success, increase donor retention, and create a larger impact.


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Leverage our technology, platform, and resources to optimize your team
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Our Story

We are insufferable tinkerers. At work, at home, and in our communities, we look for ways to continually refine systems, de-mystify complex processes, and empower people to make better, more informed decisions. After years of volunteering in various civic organizations and filling out onerous CSR reports, we resolved to create a better way for the right data to make its way to decision-makers. NGOrganize exists to showcase the countless employee/volunteer hours worked, billions of dollars accrued, and numerous lives impacted by socially responsible organizations.


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John Smith, Managing Partner, NGOrganize Investor

Meet Our Team

Anish Nagar

CEO & Founder

Anish Nagar, CEO & Founder

Ani Ajith

CFO & Co-Founder

Ani Ajith, CFO &

Dilbag Singh

Customer Success & Impact

Dilbag Singh, Customer Success & Impact


Chief Barketing Officer

Boxer, Chief Barketing Officer

Our Supporters

Start tracking impact with NGOrganize's Impact Builder

Our Advisors

Start tracking impact with NGOrganize's Impact Builder


Santi Darmodjo

Managing Partner, St. Piran Group


Raja Chockalingam

Americas Practice Lead/Sr. Director, HCL America (Prev. CA Technologies)


Ajay Nagar

CEO, Governance 360 Enterprise Solutions


Dale Harris

Prev. Associate Partner, IBM


Patrick Sheahan

Principal, Sheahan Consulting


Ajith Murthy

Regional Business Development Manager, Shell


Aria Shirani

Field Marketing Manager, UiPath


Narayan Bhargava

Principal, Venture Fuel Partners

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